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Free, Compassionate and Confidential support 8am-10pm AEST, 7 days 

  • Unplanned pregnancy? Considering your options? Need to talk confidentially?

    You are not alone. We care. We are here to listen.


Free, confidential and compassionate support. 

Phone Support - 1300 139 313 (8am - 10pm AEST)

An unplanned or challenging pregnancy can seem overwhelming, but you don't need to feel alone. Our trained helpline support workers will listen without judgement and provide a safe space to discuss your needs, worries or concerns. We will work with you to explore options for support, equipping and empowering you to navigate your best way forward.

We recognise that women have the right to make their own decisions about the outcome of their pregnancies, free from judgement or fear. We are ready to listen and support women and their partners in making informed and thoughtful decisions.

If you need someone to talk to, our national network is available for you (7 days a week, 8am - 10pm AEST). 

“I remember dialling the number and the voice I heard was the beautiful, soft, voice of an angel….welcoming, accepting and calming. She listened and spoke of all the things I was desperate to hear. The woman on the end of the line has literally been my saviour, my lifeline. When I built up the courage the support was there.The support still continues 20 week later. I truly don’t know how well I would have travelled through this journey to this date without my angel (you know who you are)!” - Jayd

When you dial 1300 139 313, your call will be answered by the first available Support Worker. Once you're on the call, you can talk about what's on your mind – no matter how overwhelming, we are here to listen.

Helpline Support Workers are trained to listen deeply and impartially to what is happening for you, without passing judgement. They will support you to understand your own reactions. Depending on your needs, they will work with you to support your safety. Your Support Worker will also work with you to help you to identify any next steps you might decide to take after the call.

At PHA, we believe that no one should face pregnancy, especially an unexpected pregnancy or crisis surrounding pregnancy alone. If you're struggling to hold on to hope, or feeling overwhelmed, we are here for you.

Individual Appointments

During an individual appointment at a PHA-affiliated Pregnancy Help Centre, you'll meet one-on-one with a trained volunteer to address your uniquely challenging circumstances and explore the holistic support pathways and options available to you.

Whether you're facing an unplanned pregnancy, crisis surrounding pregnancy, confirmed or potential prenatal diagnosis or reproductive loss, trained volunteers are here to listen impartially and meet you where you're at, making sure you are heard, understood, fully informed and in control of your own decision-making—committed to working with you continuously to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

The Individual Appointment service is non-judgemental, confidential and completely free of charge.

In action, an Individual Appointment may mean;

  • An Initial appointment to address your challenging circumstances and identify holistic support pathways & options.

  • Regular calls to check-in and provide emotional support and mentoring by the same highly trained volunteer throughout the perinatal period.

  • Linking you with free or affordable personal or financial counselling or coaching

  • Positive Futures - Sessions focused on how you can be supported if you would like to continue your education or employment 

  • Providing letters of support 

  • Help with filling out forms 

  • Connection with maternal and child health services, mothers' groups, playgroups and other support networks

  • Connection with birth and/or home visit support

  • Connection with domestic violence support services

  • Link to additional support agencies for mothers without medicare

Maternity and Baby Supplies

If you’re in need of maternity and baby supplies our network can help supply you with all the necessities for FREE. Our network offers an abundant range of practical supports for pregnant and parenting mums (clothes, nappies, wipes, toiletries, essential baby items and furnishings) and can help with referral regarding food assistance.

In action, Maternity & Baby Supplies may mean;

  • A Pram

  • A Cot 

  • A Car baby capsule 

  • Baby clothes 

  • Nappies & wipes 

  • Maternity clothes & toiletries

  • Mums & bubs welcome hamper 

  • Pamper packs for mums-to-be 

  • Vouchers for food, clothing, nappies

Group Workshops

Our network offers or can link you to a diverse range of free pregnancy, childbirth and parenting workshops facilitated by trained volunteers & experienced professionals.

Individuals gain access to information on what to expect throughout pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period. Information, hands-on and practical preparation for birth and parenting empowers mums & dads to achieve the best outcomes - confidence, wellbeing and success.

Early Parenting Support

Every newborn parenting journey requires nurture and essential support to bloom, blossom & flourish! Our network centres provide or can link you to home-visit support to come alongside and offer physical & emotional support as you adjust to life changes with children. 

Some services are available to connect with women in their homes before and after birth, ensuring continuity of care and vital connection with maternal and child health services, mothers' groups, playgroups and other support networks

Accommodation Assistance

Are you at risk of homelessness? Our network can help you as you explore your options, advocating for you, connecting you through referral or in some instances providing you cushioned, continuity of care within their own maternity home.

Grief & Loss Support

Our network offers a unique and diverse range of Pregnancy Loss support services. Whether your loss was recent or many years ago, our dedicated team is here to listen and offer you a compassionate, safe space where you can freely express and process your emotions. Healing begins with validation and permission to share your feelings.

Reach out to us confidentially to discover the support and healing pathways available for you. Whether in-person or online, individual or group-based, we have programs tailored to meet your unique needs. You don't have to navigate this path alone - talking about your experience can be a crucial first step in healing from any emotional pain, and we are here for you every step of the way.

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