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"Are you sure?"
We understand that guys have many questions about what’s going on when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

423-800An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling overwhelmed, scared, depressed, happy, excited, confused and upset all at the same time. Perhaps this is a great thing or perhaps this is an inconvenient news that has your mind swirling. Perhaps you and your partner have been together for a long time or perhaps you only met up for one night. It’s hard to know how to support her when you’re still trying to process the situation yourself.

Keep in mind that telling you may be one of the hardest things she has to do. She may be scared about your response, not care about your response or needing your support on what to do next. Each woman is different and faces this in her own way. She needs time and support to process the emotions and physical changes she is going through. If she has chosen to include you then realise your support is extremely valuable to her. If you aren’t sure what she needs. Ask her. But most importantly, if you’re struggling to process the situation and looking for more information to help her, or you, or both of you on how to understand and handle this unexpected situation, reach out! We can help support you to support her by providing more information about the options, as well as assist in mediating some of the more difficult conversations between you both.

As you process through the initial shock, it’s not unusual to have a lot of questions, like; What do I do now? What does this mean for my future? Is this the end for my career and financial aspirations? Can I make a good father? What will my friends and family think? Would abortion be the best option? Does my opinion even matter right now? Do I have any rights?

When it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, it’s true that women legally hold the decision making right and services typically focus on supporting and conversing with her. While it’s understandable, it doesn’t mean that your thoughts and opinions aren’t important. We understand that this is a huge and important moment in your life, it’s not often that you’re faced with the possibility of fatherhood. We’re here to walk with you through your journey too. Your voice matters, your role is vital and it’s important that the two of you work together, discussing your individual feelings, sharing your thoughts honestly and navigating your next steps. It’s so important that you each feel supported and understood because the decision made affects both of you.

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